Six Story Building(The knowledge tower)

We can’t use all of our knowledge. Since our knowledge is always under development there are parts that need work and are not stable for use. For use I mean to form an opinion or to use them to explore ideas further or defend current ones. We simply haven’t done enough processing.

You can use what is solid in your head and what has gone through your own personal filter, but past that you are still processing your accumulated knowledge until it takes form.

Think of this with the following analogy.

Imagine you are building a house and you are adding new floors all the time. You can use a floor as a room only when it’s ready, so you can’t, at any particular point in time, use the whole house in its entirety. You can use a part of it. The part that is solid enough to be livable. You are building the 6th floor, currently unavailable, yet still part of the house, but you can only live on the 5th floor and below.

Surely you must have found yourself trying to explain an idea or express an opinion only to find out that you can’t. The thing you had a strong sense that you understood and that it was solidified in your head, it is not ready for use. It seems like you never understood it in the first place. You might question yourself and say that you are quick to accept anything. ‘How could I possibly be so naive’, rings inside your head.

But these are thoughts and opinions that are not yet ready for use. They are not ready to be elegantly expressed or communicated. They need more care, more work to be put into them, and going the extra mile on engaging in dialog and making conversations about them with other people. Often times failing miserably to express yourself and your thoughts.

Knowledge is like a tower. You build it one story at a time. No rush, no delay either but with a steady pace, using it when it’s ready.

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