How I write

Lessons I learned and continue to learn on how to write better

I never had a routine or a system on how to write. I didn’t even write everyday.

But over the past few months I learned some stuff. I continue to learn and try to implement them in my own system. These days I mainly do technical writing but who knows in the future.

A non-exhaustive list:

Have a fix time during the day that you write. It doesn’t have to be in crazy detail. It could be more of a time window. Two hours in the mornings or three at night. The important part is to be consistent and know the day before that tomorrow morning I’ll be writing whatever happens.

Keep your body and mind sharp. The mind needs food as well, so whatever you feed it, it will produce. If you are all day long at social media chances are you won’t have a peace and calm mind to be creative. Take a walk in nature to regenerate yourself and give you mind quality food to think of.

If you have done any type of workout you know from personal experience that you have more clarity in whatever you do. You have more energy and motivation to do the job. Same goes if you eat healthy foods, drink lot’s of water and sleep well, you will have higher levels of energy.

Rewriting is writing. The first draft is usually not good to say the least. If you think it’s good you are likely being kind to yourself. It could be but it’s not very likely. The first draft is about putting your thought out and emptying your mind. The second edit and beyond is the real writing. On a similar note there is the phrase “Writing is thinking, rewriting is rethinking”.

Take what exists and make it better. This applies more to blogging. If you want to write a blog post, search for the top three posts in your opinion, and add something that you think is missing. There are no unique subjects or perfect articles. Subjects rarely are original, explanations are.

Start from abundance. Having to start from a blank page is scary. You have the tendency to think of the perfect line and stress about what comes next. But another way is to just write down stuff, like you are taking to someone else, kinda like brain storming and then come back to it and edit it. You can start from abundance. It is way easier to throw something out than letting the empty page suck your inspiration.

Writing versus pre-writing. Swyx wrote a great article about this. You could separate the writing and the preperation of writing. Preparation would be anything from brain storming to doing research. When you have all that in place you can focus on the actual writing.