You are the average of the 5 thoughts you have in a day


What you think, shapes your world. It gives you a filter so you can look at the world in a certain way. But they shape your mood and quality of thinking as well.

You know the famous phrase ‘You are the average of the five people you know’ or something like that. This means that you are the blend of these five people and you take some good parts of them and some not so good. They become your environment. And your environment has a dramatic and detrimental effect on you, either you like or not.

Like wise you could be the average of your five thoughts that float around your head all day. If someone asks you for your opinion or you are having a conversation, you see everything from these lenses that were shaped by your five thoughts.

Surround yourself with good, inspiring ideas that have positivity baked into them. You want people with good intensions in your life, the same goes with you thoughts.